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Our Focus is Providing YOU with an EFFECTIVE Web Site

Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) market share has slipped to under 70%, with Firefox surging to over 40%! Does your site function correctly with Firefox? How about with Google's Chrome browser? We can test your site for you.

A web site is a visual representation of your company. Your company's image is on the Internet for all to see. Not only must the design be attractive, but the site must be effective. Many people can build a web site, but does the site create a positive experience for your visitors? Will they return? eFFECTIVE Web Sites can optimize your site. Need a new site built? Let us design, build and support your site and increase customer loyalty for your company.

eFFECTIVE Web Sites will build a web site for you at a reasonable cost. Our expertise includes data collection forms, surveys and shopping carts with an interface to PayPal.

Marketing campaigns have become a very valuable tool for maintaining and attracting new customers. Newsletters and blogs are powerful means to accomplish customer retention and acquisition. We have also found surveys are a good approach for obtaining customer feedback leading towards process improvement and improved customer relations. Let eFFECTIVE Web Sites review with you the various proven approaches.

eFFECTIVE Web Sites will increase your site's effectiveness and usability. A web site is an investment for your company, and we will help bring about a more positive Return on your Investment (ROI). We can help increase your sales and the site's ROI by maintaining your existing customers and attracting new ones.

eFFECTIVE Web Sites offers:

  • Web Site Development
  • Usability Inspections and Testing
  • Marketing Campaigns - Blogs and Newsletters
  • Functional Testing of Applications
  • Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V)
  • Accessibility Testing for Section 508 Compliance
  • Quality Assurance Process Implementation and Training
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • W3C Compliance Testing
  • eCommerce Transition and Consulting

What is Usability Testing? It is a series of testing methodologies used to identify aspects of a web site that will yield frustration and a negative impression to the visitor. Once identified, the site can be modified to eliminate the problem areas. Benefits are not only repeat visitors, but an increase in customer loyalty. Learn more about Usability Testing.

What is Functional Testing? We will verify the application meets your expectations (requirements). You want to be sure the data collected passes edits and validations, that calculations are accurate and the data displayed is correct and properly formatted. eFFECTIVE Web Sites has many times been utilized as an objective resource for newly developed applications as an independent validation resource (IV&V).

Does your site meet the HTML standards as identified by the World Wide Web Consortium? Is it accessible? If you are bidding on government contracts or in a regulated industry, the site must meet accessibility requirements!

What is Accessibility Testing? It is the verification that a visitor, who is blind or has limited motor skills, can navigate the site and accomplish the same result as a person who is sighted or can use a mouse. We will review your web site and work with your support personnel to insure your site is accessible to individuals with disabilities in accordance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments. Learn more about Section 508.

Why is Section 508 important to your company? Section 508 requires that Federal agencies' electronic and information technology is accessible to people with disabilities. It is not only for Federal agencies, but important to other vendors as well. In the summer of 2008, Target Corp. agreed to modify its web site and pay $6 million in damages to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by the National Federation of the Blind.

eFFECTIVE Web Sites can help you obtain Bobby certification , the ultimate verification of Accessibility. Section 508 icon

Contact Us for more information about how we can make your site more effective.

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