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eFFECTIVE Web Sites is a local-based company of experienced information architects, web site designers, developers and testers focused on building cost effective web sites. The company started in April, 2002, and within our staff have many years of development and testing experience with intranet and internet sites for companies of all sizes.

We have a number of small and medium-sized business clients who look to eFFECTIVE Web Sites to design, build, test, and maintain their web sites. Our understanding of human cognitive behavior helps us to develop an effective design. The sites we build are guaranteed to meet the expectations of our clients.

We have run numerous usability surveys and reviews, utilizing our understanding of human behavior to identify and recommend site design changes to increase visitor responsiveness. Our surveys and reviews:
  • yield design changes to improve the overall visitor experience,
  • identify and gain an understanding of who is coming to the site,
  • learn what the visitors thoughts are as they leave the site, and most importantly,
  • determine if they will return.
Our background in Accessibility testing can also assist you in attracting visitors who are dependent on a fully accessible site, meeting Section 508 compliance requirements.

With our efforts towards Search Engine Optimization, we have successfully improved the visibility a site has. The "rules" vary with each Search Engine vendor.

"Thanks for all your help and a great job as always."
           Dr. Rhonda Johnson of the Center for Counseling and Family Relationships - Mar. 30, 2012

"I put off creating a web site because it seemed overwhelming. I did not have the time or artistic sense to think I could create something that was appealing and inviting to perspective clients. You made it very easy and even fun! I so appreciated your very prompt response to my questions and your willingness to work with me to create just what I wanted. I am very grateful for my beautiful website."
           Mimi Rose, Esq.; Attorney at Law - Jan. 30, 2012

"Wow, you, my friend, have the gift of prose. Thank you!!"
           Dr. Stephanie Thurston, PhD - Jan. 5, 2012

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