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Application Functional Testing

Essentially, the purpose of application functional testing is to make sure the application is meeting your expectations - that the application is performing correctly.


  • Data is edited and validated upon entry
  • Calculations are correct
  • group review of testing results
  • Data is displayed on the user interface (GUI) accurately
  • Reports are correct
  • Data is correctly passed to other systems
  • Error handling is in place and valid
  • Security is valid and working
Without functional accuracy, the systems integrity is questionable and incorrect actions and decisions can be made negatively impacting your business significantly.

eFFECTIVE Web Sites has years of experience with software quality assurance. Software testing has its own phases - Planning and Preparation, Test Execution and Wrap Up. Within each of these phases, there are a series of deliverables. We follow a standard life cycle for testing and use standard templates for deliverables, which will yield a solid, functional test of your application. We have functioned within a CMMI (Capability Maturity Model) environment, where our processes have matured and solidified.

In many instances, eFFECTIVE Web Sites has been hired to validate applications built by other development shops to obtain an objective view of functional quality.

eFFECTIVE Web Sites will also provide training and consulting to improve your internal Software Quality Assurance team's processes and efficiency. We also have expertise in the cost justification and selection of tools for defect management and automated testing.

Contact eFFECTIVE Web Sites for more information about how we can increase the quality of your application portfolio.

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