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eFFECTIVE Web Sites offers a wide number of services:

  • Web Site Design and Development
    Obtaining a proper design (navigation, page layout, imagery, etc.) to reflect your company’s image is critical for a positive visitor experience to your site. We will make sure the design meets the needs of the major visitor profiles. The site will be built to meet your expectations and operate efficiently and effectively. Site usability and accessibility is guaranteed.

  • Blog Implementation
    Blogs are the latest idea for increasing informal communication with your customers. Use a blog as a forum to address issues and points of interest to increase positive relationships with your customer base.

  • Marketing Campaigns
    We have experience with generating newsletters and e-mail campaigns to assist with proactive interaction with existing and potential customers. Stay in front of your customers so not to let them forget the value you can add.

  • Functional Testing
    We can review the site to be sure functionally it is working correctly. This is extremely important as you want to portray an image of quality to your site's visitors. Each time a change is made, the full site (including back-end applications) should be fully tested to insure nothing has been "broken" by even the smallest of changes.

  • Usability Inspections and Testing
    There are many methods for inspecting a site. The goal is a site yielding a positive experience. Some reviews are quick, while others more complex. Both yield recommendations for overall site improvement. See more about Usability Testing

  • Process Improvement
    We have a strong background focused on process improvements. We are experts in re-engineering of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies. Much of this experience is with CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) implementation efforts.

  • Web Site Hosting
    We work with some of the top hosting companies to find a safe and reliable environment to insure your site is available 24x7, fully supported and offered at a competitive cost.

  • Search Engine Integration and Optimization
    Many visitors use a Search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing)to find services and products. Getting your company’s site high on their response list with the various search engines is critical for driving traffic to your site.

  • Public Speaking and Presentations
    We enjoy being invited to speak at professional association meetings, business meetings and forums. Topic areas include Usability, Accessibility, User Centered Design, Software Quality Assurance and Design Prototyping Techniques.

  • Consulting
    We can help you determine what is best for your company. Whether it’s providing recommendations, software quality assurance processes, company brand development, developing a design style guide or getting you into the world of eCommerce, we can help make the transition painless.

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